Advanced solutions

Entreprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Thanks to Enterprise Mobility Management, you can set your own security rules for your mobile fleet and increase productivity:

  • Delete sensitive information or remotely deactivate a mobile device.
  • Decide who has access to your company network, internal e-mails, general calendar and contact lists.
  • Share various applications with all employees.


Internet of Things (M2M)

Orange offers tailored Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and allows you to benefit from recognised expertise, from the best tools to make your project a reality, to a pool of qualified partners at your disposal, and a dedicated team to ensure your applications run smoothly.


Virtual PBX
The Orange Cloud Phone service is a next-generation telephone switchboard. Your calls pass through the Orange Cloud service instead of the fixed phone line.


Mobility and convergence
Our mobility and convergence solutions allow your staff to stay connected wherever they are in Europe or the world.