A powerful connection


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Work more efficiently

Symmetrical Fibre Pro offers a dedicated connection and symmetrical speed across your business, which means the upload speed is the same as the download speed.
Fibre Pro is 20 times faster than a traditional ADSL connection. So all your employees can be online at the same time, download files in a few seconds and work on online software programs safely and easily.

Fibre Pro saves you time and improves your productivity.



Orange Femtocell 
Boost the mobile coverage on your premises

Highly efficient insulation or reinforced concrete walls can weaken the network signal of your mobile devices. We offer a standard Femtocell solution: connected directly to your Internet line, Orange Femtocell provides a 3G signal from up to 15 metres and can manage up to 8 calls simultaneously. Alongside this solution, we develop tailored solutions for large businesses.
4G Femtocell coming soon.

Orange Femtocell box available on request with Orange Business plans.

Small Cell
Boost your mobile coverage over large areas

Another option is Smallcell (3G & 4G), a solution tailored especially to industrial premises, car parks and shopping centres, and fully integrated with the Orange network.











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